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Marco Fagotti is an Italian composer, musician, sound designer, writer and producer. Having started studying piano at a very young age, he discovered the possibilities of electronic sound at 13 and was fascinated by it. In the early 1990s, Giulio Clementi introduced him to computer-controlled composition techniques and was one of the first musicians in Italy to use it in live concerts. In 2002, he founded Anomolo, Europe's first no-copyright net-label, which he led until 2009; it led him to collaborate with Gilberto Gil's ministerial working group and to deal with international discography in the internet age.

After writing soundtracks for the theatre, setting music to radio dramas for national radio and releasing three albums with Luxluna, he began composing soundtracks for film, working with international directors and producer Donald K Ranvaud (Farewell My Concubine, City of Gods). Interested in researching the spiritual and psychological power of sound and the relationship it establishes with other languages, he first created Affabulazioni, instant musical narratives that make use of improvisation and spontaneous interaction with the audience (in three years he performed over 60 of them in Italy and abroad), then TRIP - Trance through music. His interest in multidisciplinary artistic work also leads him to engage with contemporary dance and interface his musical/narrative creations with body movement. In 2019 for the Pesaro Film Festival he made the live Onda, nel cosmo dell'occhio in collaboration with the collective La camera ardente and 32 filmmakers scattered around the world. In the same year, together with Giovanni Ferri, he starts working on the writing of what he considers one of the most complex and complete works he has developed, SACRALE; he will perform this work in places of worship. 

In 2021 he writes, sets to music and performs Confessioni di un povero diavolo, which he presents in a fiery live streaming performance.  In 2023, he returns to writing for theatre, dance and working on a solo album that will see the light of day in 2024. His work can be heard on all major streaming platforms and on this website.


Vita (in corso)_complete

Life (in progress)_full

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