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“Between life and the Way, lies the stairway. In addition the man ascends this stairway with the help of the person who is his guide. He cannot go up the stairway by himself. The Way begins only when the stairway ends. That is after the last threshold on the stairway on a level much higher than the ordinary level of life” 

G. Gurdjieff

3rd room


2nd room


1st room


4th room


5th room


6th room


7th room


Listening to the work in its entirety is recommended.

To skip between tracks click on the red line in the player at the vertical rows of titles.








SACRALE is a musical composition that narrates in seven parts called "rooms," the sensory experience of those who have experienced a path of inner evolution. The SACRALE, specifically, is the imaginary construction within which this path is evoked through participation in the concert or through listening to the audio recording.  What is described by the music is a process of transformation that in reality, and in musical transfiguration, deals with contrasts and openings, shadows of dark memories and sudden glimpses of clarity, fears, uncertainties, glimpses into what lies at the same time on this side and beyond the senses. It is a tale of a part of personal quest erected in the midst of the desert of things and suspended among the contradictions, complexities and mystery of human existence.


SACRALE did not follow a specific musical genre but preferred a sum of them. In order to be true, the composition work had to be adapted to the narrative needs of the project, and it took us three years to achieve a satisfactory product, both evocatively and stylistically/formally. Each of the seven parts was written to capture the essence of a specific experience. It was a matter of performing a complex translation operation because music does not evoke anything beyond itself, it cannot describe an inner state with precision. It has to leave the objective sphere and go through the poetic and symbolic before returning to the creative process. Only continuous changes in perspective have allowed the work to be what it is today, to transform from a purely live experience to a recording project.


The sound of SACRALE is a research used to initiate a dialogue with oneself and a dialogue with the listeners, so that both can be part of the same process of evoking a sensory experience. This research influenced both the aesthetic choices and those of the musical instruments. The apparent complexity of the acoustic and electronic interweavings is the result of a synthesis that sought to make the listening path more comprehensible, easier to internalize. Defining sound as the essential vehicle of SACRALE's message may sound trivial, but it is precisely in the mixture of timbral components that most of the composition work was concentrated. That in order to tell the inner experience with the sound.


Mental and physical space in SACRALE overlap to create the sensory experience of the evolutionary process. This is a work that encourages looking within, making a special relationship with the audience. The concert is structured to be a transformative and totally immersive experience, and the people who have participated have experienced this. The concerts that we have performed to date have been performed in sacred places, within scenically and historically wonderful settings: abbeys, churches, monasteries, ancient places of worship, historic theaters. We did this knowing that the setting would help us enhance personal emotions. This is the main reason for us to carefully choose the venues for the concert, which should be lived as a deeply felt experience.


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SACRALE is a project by Marco Fagotti and Giovanni Ferri.

Music by Marco Fagotti with the support of Giovanni Ferri.


Marco Fagotti: keyboards, guitar, sound design, electronics, programming

Giovanni Ferri: alto saxophone, winds


With the creative and performing participation of:

Simone Giorgini: double bass

Jacopo Matia Mariotti: cello

Francesco Savoretti: Mediterranean percussion, electronics


Recorded between June 2022 and January 2023. 



Marco Fagotti

+39 348 3231246


© SACRALE is registered with Soundreef.

The recording offered here for listening, is a DEMO version and is without the mastering treatment. It is recommended in all cases NOT TO DIFFUSE IT IN ANY WAY and NOT TO USE IT for any purpose other than personal evaluation listening.

Thank you very much.

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