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SACRALE Duet is the electronic reinterpretation of Marco Fagotti and Giovanni Ferri's project, supported by the images of Mauro Santini that accompany and inspire its live performance. This version differs from the quartet version not only for the massive use of electronic instruments, and for the obvious aesthetic differences that this entails, but also for the places where the show is intended: live clubs, events, theatres, art etc.. Although some parts have undergone rewrites and re-evaluations in terms of sound, both the narrative spirit and the introspective intention of the original version have been preserved.

The audio that can be heard while watching the film and the one that can be downloaded on the side are the result of a live studio recording madein April 2022 during concert rehearsals. Instead, a record release is expected in the coming months.


We kindly recommend personal use of the MP3 file and of this page which are not currently intended for public dissemination but only for promotional and private contacts.

Thanks and happy listening.

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