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Mr. Devil is in deep turmoil, he has discovered that he is possessed by human beings and has decided to leave their souls permanently but they won't let him do it. He is damning his soul to figure out how to abandon those agglomerations of ugliness as he himself addresses them

“Do you have any idea what I have to see in there? Ugly things of every kind, horrible things of every kind, filthiness of every quality. When these cunning tricks come to light, it's always pointed out to ammé, it's always mea culpa and this happening makes me furious. So I say enough, I'm taking advantage of it". 

Taking advantage of this momentary fragility, you can question him and let him confide his torments which are yours and, who knows, help him and yourself to get out of this extremely embarrassing situation. He will do it his way, beating on the drums with his faithful alter ego, plucking the strings of his zither and uttering words of fire or whining lamentations, who knows. What you will have in front of you is a poor imprisoned devil but be careful, coming to terms with him is always a "aggresso peril".

But you can

help the

Mister Devil?

No doubt he will show himself to you for the first time in a loving way, asking in return only that you help him to get out of yourself. Easy? Not at all. You can try, however, by asking him questions or suggesting inspiring words. He will respond in his own way trying to find a way to convince you to let him go. He will play for you gloomy or celestial harmonies, he will amuse you with stories, anecdotes, absolute truths and purgatory lies, all to persuade you of his goodness. So you want to help him?

First understand how it works.

The ritual

from the



Confessions of a poor devil, is based on the structure ofstory-tellinglive performance of music and storytelling created by Marco Fagotti in 2013. Affabulare means telling something totally invented, for example a story of a fairy tale nature. He talks with words, usually, but it can also be done with sounds, noises, images, gestures, or with all these things put together. 

This is the first point. 

One can also narrate without any preparation, letting others suggest the turning points of the story, at random, so that the images produced flow freely, blowing up all the codes, the pre-ordered structures, the rules, the schemes, the times; you rely on the present moment and make your way with it without worrying about anything else. 

This is the second point.


When the two points harmoniously meet, something extraordinary, irreverent, indefinable and absolutely spectacular is obtained.

The relationship with the public is redesigned, which is called to suggest and become part of the ceremony. So here's how it works in detail: 


Shortly before or shortly after the beginning of the confession, some randomly selected spectators are handed slips of paper asking them to write on them something they wish to ask Mr. Devil, even a simple word which in that moment inspires them and they feel they be able to transmit. If the ceremony takes place in streaming, the same thing is done with live online messages.

Once written, the thoughts or words are collected in a letter and delivered to him, so that he can use them majestically as turning points of the story that he will go on to invent to convince the public of his own "abundance"._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Up to that moment no one, not even he, knows what hallucinations his story will feed on, what words his mouth will utter, whether they will be imprinted with fire or whining passion. No one imagines what antics he will invent to pitch the onlookers: of course, we only know that without those suggestions he will be unable to do anything and the coveted opportunity to get out of the humans will be thwarted. 

Can he afford it? Of course not. For him to extract a gesture of clemency is now a matter of ... hell or heaven.

What remains

to do?

You have only one option, participate in confession, there's no way. Mr. Devilhe will know how to recognize your benevolence and give you credit. If npn you trust give onelook atshort videowhich summarizes some moments of the show then make contact and bring Mr. Devil to meet your people by giving them a fireworks and saving show. This can be done by writing to:

or by completing and sending the form you find at this

Have you already done that? Well, the fruits will not be long in coming.

Who is hiding

behind this




guitars, keyboard instruments, programming, madness


percussion, rattles, electronics

Music and instant narration / MARCO FAGOTTI

Software supervision / MICHELE DUSCIO

Stage clothes / FABIOLA STORTINI

Makeup and beauty / MARIA FAGOTTI

Communication and relationships / OSSIGENO MUSIC

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