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SACRALE is a musical work that tells the passages of an individual evolution path through "7 sonorous rooms". This path winds symbolically within an imaginary structure, the SACRALE, which is metaphorically the place-condition from which you start and the one you arrive at at the end of the journey. 

Each room corresponds to an inner state that sound tries to describe in its essence and in its particularity. 

The result is a changing and exciting compositional texture, capable of transforming the concert into a meditative occasion, of a special relationship with the public. Using music in sacred places dedicated to silence and the relationship with oneself leads to a sound journey that recalls its great transformative potential.  

Parma - The noise of mourning - 1-11-22



SACRALE is a project that uses music to convey a message of rediscovery of evolutionary experience through sound and physical presence in sacred places. 

A sacred place is an area with a very high energy potential that can be used for various purposes. In our particular case, the place becomes the container of an event that tries to describe with sound the often contradictory inner states that unite all inner experiences. This marriage, which brings advanced computerized sound processing systems into relation with spaces of historical-spiritual relevance, allows artists and the public to confront the depth of music in an ideal dimension of meeting and common listening. The interweaving of concrete sounds, acoustic and electronic, transforms the place of the performance into an internalized space, leaving each listener's imagination free to reconstruct within himself the complex landscapes and scenarios evoked by the sound.



The sound of SACRALE moves around the audience in a circular space built into the physical space of the venue; 6 monitors placed around the performance area (hexaphony) help the viewer to “ideally position himself within the sound event and physically within the acoustic environment. The effect has a decisive impact on sensory perception and on the reconstruction of the mental images that the concert intends to stimulate. The position of the monitors is obtained from the seven-pointed star which is the graphic representation of the SACRALE and its seven rooms.

hexaphonic space.png


The Doc directed by Mauro Santini which tells the first live release of SACRALE of 2019 at the Monastery of the Holy Cross of Fonte Avellana (PU).


SACRALE is a project by Marco Fagotti and  Giovanni Ferri.

Music by Marco Fagotti with the support of Giovanni Ferri.


Marco Fagotti: keyboard instruments, guitar, sound design, programming

Giovanni Ferri: alto sax, wind instruments


With the creative and executive participation of:

Simone Giorgini: contrabass

Jacopo Matia Mariotti: cello

Francesco Savoretti: Mediterranean percussions, electronics




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