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“TRIP - Trance through music is a musical journey induced by a sensory alteration due to the sound and the images that sound produces in the listeners, a path of poetic translation that involves the senses and goes beyond them to merge into a paradoxically more real dimension than that where you are physically located. Since it is an unplanned musical journey, which proceeds thanks to the work of instantaneous composition and feeds mainly on the stimuli of the moment, it forces me and the audience to cross unknown areas accepting everything that in these circumstances can condition the journey: the unexpected, the coincidence, the stumbling block, the surprise and sometimes the mistake. But if we let ourselves be guided by this visionary game, we can reconstruct that process of sensory translation that I call trance, where trance means meeting place, not escape.

So "trance through music" is nothing more than the perpetuation of a momentary condition of lucid and present sensory encroachment that transforms the musical concert into an intense, transforming and interesting experience to live. This passage is facilitated by an acoustic system with hexaphonic diffusion, which places the spectator no longer in front of but inside the sound space, and an interactive lighting system which transcends the mere function of illuminating to become an access point towards a visual dimension which by breaking darkness creates new optical perspectives for the viewer. 

In these conditions it is not difficult to feel physically in one point and at the same time moving towards another, and the sound, understood in its broadest sense, sheds light on this separation, beyond genres, styles and forms music that can take. This is why my work is detached from the common proceeding of the music produced, not for executive or stylistic questions but for intentional questions; I treat the composition like a Tibetan mandala, like a complex drawing to be patiently created and destroyed once completed so that the only trace that remains is the one imprinted in the memory of the individual. After all, the work is the process not the resulting product and the process is a living experience immersed in the present which, like life, never repeats itself in the same way.”


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