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TRIP, in locations that permit it, uses an audio-luminous system conceived to set up a perceptive space around the listener that evokes the dimension of an imaginary journey guided by sound and light in motion. A sort of augmented reality applied to music.  


Spatial arrangement 

of audio sources 

and luminous totems





Where possible, a hexaphonic acoustic system is installed, with 6 diffusion points (M), distributed around the audience (where this is not possible, a traditional stereo or quadraphonic system is opted for). This allows the musician to convey the sounds towards the different outputs and provide a constant sensation of movement and acoustic envelopment. The circular radiation of sound facilitates the reconstruction of three-dimensional acoustic spaces especially in those cases where
ambient recordings are played. 

The lighting set is composed of a series of parallelepiped-shaped vertical totems (T) placed behind the artist and guided by a micro computer that allows the musician to play the light, in the same way as an electronic instrument._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In this way, the control of the lights in each performance acquires the same sense of sound and contributes decisively to the overall development and sensory results of the instantaneous composition. 

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